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Hi everyone

My name is Angela. I am a College student writing a Response Paper for my English Class on the Laramie Project. My class just watched the film recently and really all I have to do is write a long personal response to it.
However, there is so much to say, I wanted to get other people's viewpoints and comments too.

So anyone willing to help me out, would you mind leaving me a comment on this entry about anything relating the laramie project. What things stood out to you, your opinion on the actions of different people. basically, anything you want to say.

I'm going to try and incorporate a lot of different aspects into my paper. Funny thing is, I had my RESPONSE ESSAY For this class already finished.Then we watched the laramie project and I started it all over again because I decided I would rather do my paper on that.

Okay well hopefully a lot of you are online right now because I have to have this paper done by tomorrow.

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