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opening night!

hello everyone!

i attend lorain county community college in elyria, ohio. tonight is opening night for our production of the laramie project. the show runs through april 8, so if anyone can come, please do! it is at 7:30pm each night in stocker center.

i play romaine patterson, sherry aanenson, a newscaster, a narrator, and a waitress. i am really, really excited. i am not nervous about getting onstage; i have worked really hard, and i know that my lines are solid and whatnot, and the acting is pretty simple when you think about it... i mean, these are real people! and this happened to a real person! this still HAPPENS to real people! the thing that makes it difficult is allowing oneself to fall into a role completely, to really embrace it and do that person justice. that is what i am nervous about; whether or not i will do this story justice. i want our show to be something that truly affects people for a long time.

i just... i am not too concerned with the people who walk out the doors tonight after the show, saying how much it has changed them. i am not thinking about who will leave without even letting it get to the second act. the people, or even the one person, who is driving in the car two weeks from now and hears a song with a few chords similar to the music we will be playing in production. and when they hear those chords, they will think about the show, the story... and i hope they allow themselves to open up to it and understand what it all means.

thanks for reading! i wish many positive thoughts toward anyone taking this effort on, the play or the movement itself.

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