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Share your story about The Laramie Project 
07:26pm 12/03/2008
  Hello all.

This year the Derek and Romaine (Patterson) show on Sirius Satellite Radio will be creating a 2 hour special of the Laramie project as a tribute for the 10th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s death. This special will consist of a montage of interview clips with various people who have worked on the project. We are looking for enthusiastic people who have worked on a production of the Laramie Project. If you were ever a actor, stage hand, or director of TLP for a production in a high school, college, or community theater and have a story to tell about it you would be a great candidate. If interested please email Katie Castellano at TLPspecial@gmail.com.


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04:03pm 27/01/2008

My name is Claire, and I'm a third year drama student at the University of Toronto (Scarborough campus).

We're doing the Laramie Project this year... only really one month into rehearsal and already it's wowing me.
I love the play. I love it's message.

We've expanded it from a cast of 8 to a cast of 15, and it's a great group of people to work with.
My roles are Trish Steiger, Murdock Cooper, the Baptist Minister's Wife, and Russell Henderson's Mormon home teacher, along with several ensemble/narrator . I find two of the castings slightly ironic; Trish because Patricia is my middle name, and the Mormon home teacher because... well, I'm not Mormon, but I know a lot more about them than anyone else in my program.
Like others, my prof told us to look online to find information on our characters. And told me to name my unnamed ones. (She likes everything to have names... our stage unit is now called Earl!!!) I haven't been able to find much at all on any of mine, but what I have learned about the situation in general has been really interesting. And I'd love to learn more about it as I continue. (Or my characters!!! any tips would be greatly appreciated! ^^).

The information on our production, along with the poster is here.
The poster is made of pictures of my classmates in costume. (I'm not in any of them... and I think I've only seen one of my costume pieces so far...) I love how it turned out! ^^
H. O. P. E. 
01:55am 23/03/2007
mood: hopeful
My senior year in high school (2005-2006) we were supposed to do The Laramie Project. I, initially, knew nothing about it, but copies were left in the library for students intending to audition. After I finished reading it, I was touched and just knew in my heart that I needed to be a part of it. I was cast as the Narrator of the production but the day rehearsals were supposed to start we got some bad news. The play was canceled because 10 upset parents called in. I was so angry that it got canceled, but the cast pulled together and we ended up writing our own show about "tolerance".

Now, The Laramie Project is getting a second chance in Morris County.
It's so exciting to get a another chance with this play. I even get to be the Narrator in the opening 'Moment', which is so special since that is who I was supposed to play last time. I will also be playing Zackie Salmon. Our director told us to use the Internet to try and find out more about our characters. So, I Googled Zackie Salmon and actually came across her e-mail address on the University of Wyoming website. I figured it was a long shot, but I e-mailed her, asking her about herself.  You couldn;t imagine when I opened my inbox a few hours later to find a 2 page letter from Zackie Salmon, herself, telling me all about her life.  It was so special and inspiring.

presented by County College of Morris

Wednesday, May 2, 2007 at 7:30pm
Thursday, May 3, 2007 at 7:30pm
Friday, May 4, 2007 at 7:30pm
Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 7:30pm

County College of Morris
Student Community Center - Davidson Conference Rooms
214 Center Grove Road
Randolph, New Jersey 07869

On Facebook? Let us know if you're coming by RSVPing here:
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07:51am 21/12/2006
mood: curious
I am new to the group, I decided to find a group that dealt with The Laramie Project, concidering I was just in a production of it.

Please look at my two latest entries in my journal.
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We're performing it this week! 
10:20pm 14/11/2006
  The Laramie Project will be performed by members of the Hinsdale Central Drama Group as well as faculty members of Hinsdale Central High School on November 16th and 18th at 7:30 and November 17th at 4:00 and at 7:30. There will be a special preview performance on the 15th at 7:30 with tickets at half price.
There is limited seating (only 130 seats a night), so reservations are recommended. To reserve tickets call (1-630) 570-8165.

Just in case any of ya'll wanted to come see the show, but Saturday's sold out.
Keep Smiling,
10:42pm 12/10/2006
  Today was the anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard.  And as a tribute to him, I made black armbands with "H-O-P-E" written on them (the idea for "H-O-P-E" comes from Doc O'Connor's interview in the moment that ends Act II of The Laramie Project).  The whole cast, which includes myself, wore these armbands on the anniversary of his attack, October 6th, and today to spread the message of tolerance that this production displays.  Please mention Matthew and Laramie in your prayers tonight.
Keep Smiling,
The Whole World Was Watching 
04:09pm 03/10/2006
  I just read Romaine Patterson's new book, The Whole World Was Watching-a must read for anyone, especially if you are or have been involved in a production of tLP. I was at a rehearsel with tears streaming down my cheeks backstage while i read it...
so yeah-pick it up at your library or just buy a copy.
A couple of questions... 
08:19pm 11/09/2006
  My drama program is doing a production of TLP and our director wants us to do some interviews, on the subject. I thought it would be an interest idea to see if I could get an interview or just a few questions answered by some one who lives in Laramie. If you do I would love it if you could answer this or send me an email at lifes_an_act@yahoo.com. I might also be interest in interview someone who has been in a the produciton of TLP and how it affected them. If you could help in any ways that would be great. Thanks.  
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US of ANT 
05:17pm 26/06/2006
  Those that are in the huge metropolitan areas which are privileged to caryy MTV Networks gay and lesbian channel LOGO, tune in tonight at 10pm for the second 1/2 half hour episode of US of ANT.

My thesis and I are featured in one of the three stories of MS gay men and women highlighted on this documentary of sorts.

Unfortunately I can't see it, yet...but hopefully soon.

for more information:
Laramie Update - Melbourne 
02:52pm 11/04/2006
mood: thankful
Hi Laramites

You may remember me posting last year about the Melbourne, Australia premiere of TLP that I directed. Well thought I'd be a bit show-offy as our production won the Best Fringe/Independent Production award at the Green Room Association Awards on Sunday. This is Melbourne's premiere award ceremony celebrating the best of Melbourne's professional theatre. Of course we are rapt as we beat out 150-odd productions for 2005 to take out the top prize.

It stands to reason that the play itself is the real winner here. You'll be pleased to know that I thanked Matthew in my speech and reminded myself and everyone else how humbled we should be by his story.


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opening night! 
04:47pm 03/04/2006
mood: excited
hello everyone!

i attend lorain county community college in elyria, ohio. tonight is opening night for our production of the laramie project. the show runs through april 8, so if anyone can come, please do! it is at 7:30pm each night in stocker center.

i play romaine patterson, sherry aanenson, a newscaster, a narrator, and a waitress. i am really, really excited. i am not nervous about getting onstage; i have worked really hard, and i know that my lines are solid and whatnot, and the acting is pretty simple when you think about it... i mean, these are real people! and this happened to a real person! this still HAPPENS to real people! the thing that makes it difficult is allowing oneself to fall into a role completely, to really embrace it and do that person justice. that is what i am nervous about; whether or not i will do this story justice. i want our show to be something that truly affects people for a long time.

i just... i am not too concerned with the people who walk out the doors tonight after the show, saying how much it has changed them. i am not thinking about who will leave without even letting it get to the second act. the people, or even the one person, who is driving in the car two weeks from now and hears a song with a few chords similar to the music we will be playing in production. and when they hear those chords, they will think about the show, the story... and i hope they allow themselves to open up to it and understand what it all means.

thanks for reading! i wish many positive thoughts toward anyone taking this effort on, the play or the movement itself.

Unlike any other 
01:15am 01/03/2006
  This week the Laramie Project opens at Stage III in Casper, Wyo., just about a mile from the site of Matt's funeral, and in the town where he grew up. It'll be like no other production of the play. Matt Shepard performed in Stage III productions as a kid, and many of his friends and family members will certainly be there as it opens. Thursday night's show will be a benefit for the Matthew Shepard Foundation. And one of the characters in the play, Casper Star-Tribune reporter Kerry Drake, will be played by Kerry himself (despite his having open-heart surgery barely a couple of weeks ago). Like him, several members of the play were journalists here in Wyoming when the events depicted were unfolding and were closely involved in covering the story. It is a profound understatement to say that this will be an emotional run for the play. Here's a link to the story that ran in the Star-Tribune about it on Sunday.  
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Hi everyone 
11:56pm 28/02/2006
mood: bouncy
My name is Angela. I am a College student writing a Response Paper for my English Class on the Laramie Project. My class just watched the film recently and really all I have to do is write a long personal response to it.
However, there is so much to say, I wanted to get other people's viewpoints and comments too.

So anyone willing to help me out, would you mind leaving me a comment on this entry about anything relating the laramie project. What things stood out to you, your opinion on the actions of different people. basically, anything you want to say.

I'm going to try and incorporate a lot of different aspects into my paper. Funny thing is, I had my RESPONSE ESSAY For this class already finished.Then we watched the laramie project and I started it all over again because I decided I would rather do my paper on that.

Okay well hopefully a lot of you are online right now because I have to have this paper done by tomorrow.

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Rumor has it... 
04:16pm 15/02/2006
  So our production of "Laramie Project" opens tonight... And the Mormon community in town isn't happy. The school is getting a lot of heat because "Laramie" has a Mormon leader in the script. Rumor has it there are going to be protesters tonight...

Many rumors are going around.

We'll just have to see how it goes...
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Romaine Footage? 
10:43pm 24/01/2006
  Does anybody know where I can find a clip of Romaine Patterson? >.> I'm an obsessive compulsive actress... and I want to find some footage I can use to try and immitate her as best I can... and yet, alas, I have found nothing. I've looked around online and have yet to find something. I really wanna do justice to her in our play!  
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03:26pm 12/01/2006
  Hey :) My name's Sara and I hope to be in a production of TLP sometime. I just finished reading it and I <3 it...  
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09:40pm 10/01/2006
  HI!!!im new to this community..

my name is jamie and i am directing the laramie project at my school, santa susana high school. and i am having a bit of a problem. how do i get a hold of footage from the news and the vigils??? i will do anything!! but i just honestly can't find them.


much love,

p.s. im really excited about this community.
p.p.s if anyone is in the area of simi valley.... you should come see my show!!! its on feb. 16. at 7pm.... a while from now... ill remind ya'll.
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10:30am 23/12/2005
  So, you might recognize the grrl on page 14 of Curve Magazine this month (Jan/Feb issue)!!! It's none other than our loveable heroine, Amanda!

Check it out!  It's pretty frickin' cool!

xox M & the gals

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California High School part deux 
02:21pm 10/12/2005

Well, yes. I go to California High as well, and I am Assistant Stage Manager to the Laramie Project. I have the same concerns about the community here. I know there are always going to be over zealous Christian communities everywhere, and yet, our principle gave the "ok" for the production. I am extremely excited about how people wil recieve it. We've always been extremely conservative when it comes to the decisions in our plays...pulling the word "Jesus" out and inputting "Geeze", things like that. But then you have to realize that CONSERVATIVE THEATRE IS AN OXYMORON. And yet, I was shocked about the play choice. Now, we get to see how shocked others will be.

Let's get ready to Rumble.

California High 
02:24pm 08/12/2005
mood: cheerful
I get to join the ranks of Romaines. My school just finished casting The Laramie Project last week. I'm so excited. This is a major thing for my school to be doing. The administration is really conservative... I live in one of the most conservative towns in California... and everyone acts like the "gay issue" isn't an issue here. Oy.
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